Hampstead is a New Urbanist community in Montgomery, Alabama. Designed by renowned Town Planners Duany, Plater Zyberk & Company (DPZ & Co.), Hampstead is a 416 acre sustainable development combining residential, retail, restaurant, office, school, a YMCA, and much more in one community. It is walkable, efficient, connected, and beautiful. But did we mention fun?

Matter has produced every aspect of the Concept, Brand Identity, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media & Communications since Hampstead began in 2007.

We have worked with DPZ on the Site Planning, Architectural Planning, and Implementation since 2005, and we create all new phase designs. We have created the Neighborhood Features including Hampstead Farm, Hampstead Lake, and the Lido Pool, and green spaces. We have established the annual community Events including food festivals, spring parties, seasonal tours, and more.

Matter designs Residential Home Plans, the Information Center, Model Homes, Photo Shoots, Film Series, and all the aspects that bring Hampstead to life. We love Hampstead, can you tell?

The Work: Matter creates and directs the development, site planning, zoning compliance, brand identity, advertising, website, social media, communications, public relations, marketing, print collateral, events, and house plan development at Hampstead.